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5 Reasons why we chose Executive Girls Hostel Islamabad

Hostels are more than just somewhere to stay, you can meet new people, save some dough and lessen your impact on the planet. Hosteling enriches your living experience and it does so without breaking your bank. Executive Girls Hostel team takes a look at 5 reasons you should consider a hostel over other options:

1. Affordability:

Let’s face it, travel is expensive. Flights, food, accommodation and activities all add up. Generally, hostels offer accommodation for much lower prices than hotels. By utilizing a shared bathroom and kitchen, you can cut down your housing expenses dramatically. Even if you’re not up to sharing a room with people you don’t know mostly hostels provide private rooms and bathrooms.

2. Knowledgeable locals:

Hostel staff are usually young people with an interest in travel. They know the city well and are on hand to give great advice on things to do, what to eat, where to go, and the best way to get there. They understand the experiences that travelers are after.


One concern I’ve come across when talking to people about hostels is safety. This is obviously a priority that everyone should be aware of when their traveling, but in all the hostels .Many hostels provide security services

Most places have a gate or a code for the residents to use after dark, so only people who are staying there can get in. Additionally, there are lockers, so even if you sharing a room with people you don’t know, your stuff will always be safe. There is normally a staff member on duty 24/7 as well as luggage storage in case you arrive before your check-in time.

4. Meeting other Hostel Residents:

Make lifelong friends, share student travel tips & hook up with travel companions. Hostels are full of international travelers. It’s a great place to meet interesting people. If you’re only in the city for the weekend, stay at a hostel and connect up with students to party with.

5. Atmosphere:

Hostels are much more laid back than hotels. Feel free to have fun and roll in late. Choose to chill out alone or connect up with people. No pressure, it’s your choice.