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Top ten items for Executive Girls Hostel

You’ve had your head in your books for two years, got the grades, and got into university congratulations! If you’re moving out, you now have about a month to pack everything up and move on to a new chapter. Top ten items you should consider packing along  to top ten girls hostel in Islamabad.

Travel tavel for packing

1.Travel towel

Travel towel is in your  packing list due to two main reasons.

1.They are much smaller and take up less space than a regular towel.

2.Most hostels charge guests to hire towels which will eventually show in your budget.

Travel lock for packing

2. A lock for a locker

When travelling, you are more than likely to have more than one valuable item on you. Phones, cameras, passports, credit cards, money, prescription glasses and more all fall into the “valuable” category. I’m also sure that there will be times when you don’t want to carry all of these things with you  – whether you’re planning a visit to the communal shower stalls or going out for the evening. Fortunately, most hostels have lockers where you can store your things.The locker are very useful to store things .For the safety of locker lock is very important. I’d suggest carrying at least two, one smaller and larger. But make sure to purchase brass or metal combination locks.

headphones or earplugs for packing

3.Headphones or Earplugs

Ear plugs or headphones are essential when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep in a hostel dorm. As mentioned above, it’s likely that the people you are sharing your dorm will be operating on a different schedule than yours. Ear plugs and headphones can help you block out the noise of any party-goers returning at 2 am, or fellow travelers getting up and packing up at 3 am in order to catch a 6 am flight. The list of situations that can suddenly turn a quite sleep environment into a noisy one are endless. If you’re a light sleeper , someone’s snoring can be enough to wake you right up.

First Aid Kit for packing

4. First Aid Kit

This is another important thing that you’ll have to pack before moving to a hostel. Not just hostel, but you should pack first-aid box even when you are going out for a short tour or a vacation. Because you never know, you or your companions may suddenly fall ill or meet with a minor accident. So keep the essential aid products such as an antiseptic cream, band-aids, antacid, painkiller, antibiotic and etc with you while moving.

Toiletries for packing


You are not going to get any complimentary bars of soap or bottles of shampoo in you hostel. So, always remember to bring your own toiletries and do pack it before hand. Buy all the necessary toiletries and pack them in a small travel bag for carrying toiletries. Carry your own towel in order to maintain hygiene.

Portable Charger for packing

6.Portable Charger

Nowadays, many hostels are installing power outlets by every bed. However, you’re still not guaranteed to find this set up in every hostel. A room for 6 people may only have 2 power outlets for travelers to share. If you want to keep your phone charged for whatever reason while you sleep (music, alarm, etc.), a portable charger may come in handy.

language bag for packing

7. Choose backpack and luggage bags

Buy or choose a luggage bag or a backpack that suits and fits in all your important items. Carrying one bag is more convenient than carrying two or three bags isn’t it? That is why, it is always wise to buy a bag that can accommodate almost everything that you will need to carry to the hostel. And buy a luggage bag that has padlock system, so that no one can open your bag easily to steal valuable things.

torch for packing

8.Torch or Headlamp

No one wants to be that person who arrives late at night or has to pack early in the morning and switches on the dorm room light with no consideration for anyone else a sleep in the room!

Ticking a torch or headlamp off your hostel packing list, whilst also tiptoeing around the room at whatever ungodly hour you need to, will definitely make sure you stay friends with your dorm buddies!

flip flop for packing

9. Flip-Flops

You may have a huge collection of shoes, but do not carry all of them to your hostel. Three pairs of shoes would be fine; one formal shoe, one casual/sports shoe, and a flip-flop. Also, try carrying a flip-flop to wear within the hostel or your room. Avoid roaming with naked legs, because the floor may have too much of dirt and other germs.

water bottle for packing jpg

10.  Water Bottle

This may be a bit obvious, but it’s always important to stay hydrated. Hostels won’t always let you take glasses from their kitchens into the dorms, and even if they do, water filled glasses may have just a bit of trouble balancing on mattresses.

Please note that in some hostels, water is the only drink you are allowed to have with you inside the actual dorm.